Thursday, April 29, 2010

Jon and Jenn

It's been nearly two years that we've been wanting to get with Jon and Jenn.  We've bumped into each other in unexpected places, but never got anything nailed down.  So, while I was in Singapore, I got an email saying that they're almost finished with their first CD, We Will Not Be Silent, and need some photography for it.  Fun!!  Just one thing....Jennifer's seven months pregnant and didn't want to look like it!

So, off we go the the Old Airport State Beach Park here in Kona, to hang out in the tall grasses.  And then I just HAD to celebrate with them that there is a new little one on the way.  Back home after a relaxed dinner at sunset, we had some studio headshot time.  A fun evening, a wonderful CD. Congratulations, Jon and Jenn!

Sunset wedding at the Four Seasons

Rick and Donna, with their six year old son, celebrated their marriage in the early evening at the Four Seasons Hualalai Resort.  Such a sweet and loving exchange of vows as the sun set at the end of a perfect day.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

I love to cook!

So good to be home again!  Before my eyes even open in the morning, my ears are greeted by the singing birds in the palm trees outside my window.  But I don't linger there long, because I know that even with my head on my pillow, I can see the beautiful blue sky and ocean.  Is Hawaii really as beautiful as all that? Yes!  And even more so!  What a gift.

Since arriving home Tuesday morning from our 2 month trip, I've waded through the Everest-sized pile of mail, unpacked and feel like I've really arrived.  Last night I was at the Four Seasons Hualalai Resort to photograph a sunset wedding.  So sweet!  I'll post photos in a few days...

And on this lazy day, I made this most delicious meal that I slightly adapted from a cookbook I picked up in New Zealand, Seasons by Donna Hay: scallops with lime wasabi dressing (page 88).  I used fresh mint instead of the recommended green onions for a most refreshing flavor combination!

Tomorrow night, I'm doing a portrait shoot for a CD here.  Plan to treat my clients to a meal first, and wondering what to fix.  It's been so long since I've been able to cook (and who would WANT to cook when the food is so delicious in Singapore) that it's so fun to create again!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Back to Kona!

It's been a very adventurous and whirlwind two months in New Zealand, Asia and the Middle East (photo blogs follow), and it's with mixed emotions that Bob and I head back to Kona early tomorrow morning.  We've had such a wonderful time with old friends in every place we've been, and have made so many new relationships!  But the call of "home" is also so very sweet.

Looking forward to photographing a wedding at the beautiful Four Seasons Hualalai Resort on Saturday, with a number of portraits and another wedding at the Sheraton Keauhou Bay Resort and Spa in the coming days.

Here's Bob and I in Israel with Edward Loh, commercial photographer and owner of a new and very cool Singapore cafe, Shots (photography shots, shots of espresso and shots of sake).

So, it's 再见 to Singapore and Aloha! to Hawaii!!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


This was my third visit to this amazing land.  Such a complex place, so much promise and so much fulfillment.  A blog post can do nothing to touch what I feel about being there - it should be on everyone's "most-go-to" list.  Just want to share a few photos:

And last, but not least, the local knock-off coffee shop in Bethlehem!

Aqaba, Jordan

After a long day of travel through the hills and desert of Jordan, we arrived at the beautiful Radisson Blu Hotel.  Would have loved to done a real photo shoot here!

One of my favorite things is to see the full moon from my lanai in Kona, shining over the Pacific Ocean.  So you can imagine what a treat it was for me to be in Aqaba, Jordan on the shores of the Red Sea to watch this moon set over the mountains of Israel on the other side of the Sea!  We were just a short drive from Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Israel.  Sadly, our time moved on, not allowing us even the opportunity to dive in those beautiful waters.


What an amazing treat to be able to visit Petra in Jordan!  This is one of those times that a photograph doesn't do a place justice.  The colors and formations of the rock were incredible!  And to think that those structures were carved from the rock, with rooms going back into them, well, it staggers the imagination.  A bit tough to get beautiful photos when I'm one of thousands visiting the place, and I'm not in control of saying when the visit will be to get the best lighting situation, but hope you can get a feel for this World Heritage, New Seventh Wonder of the World!

Friday, April 2, 2010

My day in Qatar and Jordan

On the long flight to Jordan, we stopped off in Doha, Qatar for a city tour.

Check out that smiling camel!!

In the city center, we stopped for a coffee, and saw aschool field trip of boys making their way through the streets.

A beautiful equestrian center is home to magnificent Arabian horses.  The receive daily swims, showers and races around the track