Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Petra in Jordan

Jordan - an ancient land, echoing with civilizations that have shaped the course of world history.

 Such a treat to be in Petra again.  With just a sliver more time than last year, Bob and I decided we were going to make haste and see as much of this spectacular site as we could.  Habitation here was around 6 BC by the Nabateans. Completely hidden in the canyons of Edom, it was unknown to the modern world until the early 1800s.  The dry climate of the desert has beautifully preserved the intricate carvings.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


When we arrived in Switzerland early March, the whole of the earth was aching to burst forth with spring!  The wildflower bulbs were beginning their beautiful bloom along the roadsides.  The trees though still bare, upon closer inspection had furry little bundles of leaves just a breath away from roaring to life.  Another week, and the entire scene would be different.

It had been over ten years since our last visit to this stunningly beautiful nation, and we took what free time we had to explore the mountains and lakes near Lausanne.

On the road into Val d'Herens in the Swiss Alps is a very interesting geological feature, "The Earth Pyramids of Euseigne"

 On this most beautiful of days, we went up and down a couple of deep valleys with a tram ride to the peak of Le Brevant in Chamonix, France.

We finished our time in Switzerland with a few days in the city of Yverdon, staying just a few meters away from the ancient Savoy Castle, dating from the 13th century, in the city centre.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Going around the world - New York City

I am on a whirlwind around-the-world tour with my handsome hubby!  Just three days after our son Andy married his sweet love, Julie, we headed out for a 7 week trip with stops in New York, Switzerland, Jordan, Israel, Singapore, South Korea, back to New York, Connecticut, Cape Cod, and California!  We're just about 1/2 way through now (leaving Singapore tomorrow for South Korea), and thought it might be time to start a bit of a blog about it!  So, in several posts, here goes!

After the most magical and busiest times of our lives with the wedding - family and friends, prep, parties, celebrating and cleanup - we quickly packed for our trip the morning of our departure.  Good thing we've pretty much gotten this down!  After an overnight flight into New York, we spent our 8 hour layover en route to Switzerland by taking a train into Manhattan.

Following a quick swing-by the Apple Store (no way to pass THAT up!), we wanted to see Ground Zero and the progress on the construction of the Freedom Tower.  After nearly ten years of passage since that fateful day in 2001, the emotion of the surroundings and the memory of the destruction are still so striking.

The rising Freedom Tower and security guards onsite:

And what could be more NYC than a stop at Katz' Deli for a Reuben Sandwich?  It's the restaurant made famous for "that scene" in "When Harry Met Sally".

A quick view of the Empire State Building, then on the subway back to the train to the airport!  Next stop: Switzerland!