Saturday, March 27, 2010

Hong Kong

Last weekend we were in Hong Kong.  A big group of friends from our church in Singapore was there, so we went a bit earlier than scheduled so we could enjoy the delicious restaurants and Disneyland with them.   So funny how they all compared notes as to which restaurants should be visited!

Our visit to HK Disneyland completed our journeys to all the Disney parks.  This one is a much miniaturized version of what I've been used to.  The whole park could be walked in 1/2 hour!  And Space Mountain was the only fast ride.  But man, the Chinese DO know how to do fireworks!!

Another day, we ventured to the street market behind our hotel.  There one can find the very freshest of produce, fish, and yes, even frogs!  I'll spare the frog skinning photos, but here's a few more that give a bit of, shall we say, flavor?

And I ALWAYS love a beautiful city skyline!

Thanks to our dear friends, Nick and Alison, for a wonderful time!  Please forgive me for posting your royalty photo....

Friday, March 26, 2010

Weekend in Bali

A couple of weeks ago, Bob and I visited Bali for a long weekend.  For three of the days, we were completely tied up with the most rewarding part of our trip: sharing in the hospitality and love of our friends in Denpasar.

Bali is quite an interesting place.  In a country where the claim is that it is predominately Islamic, Bali holds to its Hindu roots, and has a very thriving and vibrant Christian population as well!  We were there on the eve of the Hindu New Year, and everything was dressed up for the party!

But the Monday, brought us a day off, and we spent it relaxing on the little island of Lembongan.  Just a few photos of the reminders of a perfect day...


We have been coming to Singapore for years, and it's become like a second home for us.  We feel very much family with our church, our friends, and the wonderful rhythm of this garden city.  And did I mention the shopping and the food?  Walawe!

Yesterday, my friend Karla and I went out for a photo play day!  We stopped in the shops across the road from where we're staying. some were ethnic, some a bit quirky, all were interesting.

We paid a brief visit to the mosque.  The weight of the robes and head coverings, not to mention our personal convictions, kept us moving on.

Here's Karla in her "gear".

And then we made a quick stop in Little India.  

A quick MRT subway ride, and we were in Chinatown! Red lanterns, Chinese chess being played in the square, menacing looking creatures on the red-doored Buddhist temples.  Such a microcosm of Asia in this fabulous city!

At the end of the day, we went to the Marine Barrage to photograph this most modern city skyline.  Thanks, Karla, for joining me on this fun day!

New Zealand!

I went straight from Stephen and JiSun's wedding at the Hapuna Beach Prince Hotel (see next post) to the airport for a 2 1/2 month trip!  First stop, New Zealand!

It was a treat to be able to do some interior and food photos!

And visiting a kiwi farm was such a treat!  We were guests of Fred and Christine at their Kati Kati Kiwifruit Cottage. The fruits hang like jewels in morning's dew...

Valentines Day Wedding at Hapuna Prince Beach Resort

Stephen and JiSun traveled all the way from cold and snowy New Jersey to be with their family and friends from the U.S. and Korea at the beautiful Hapuna Prince Beach Hotel to celebrate their wedding.  A perfect day, an incredible setting, love shared by all!