Friday, March 26, 2010

Weekend in Bali

A couple of weeks ago, Bob and I visited Bali for a long weekend.  For three of the days, we were completely tied up with the most rewarding part of our trip: sharing in the hospitality and love of our friends in Denpasar.

Bali is quite an interesting place.  In a country where the claim is that it is predominately Islamic, Bali holds to its Hindu roots, and has a very thriving and vibrant Christian population as well!  We were there on the eve of the Hindu New Year, and everything was dressed up for the party!

But the Monday, brought us a day off, and we spent it relaxing on the little island of Lembongan.  Just a few photos of the reminders of a perfect day...

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  1. Dude.....WE ARE JAELOUS!!

    but serious; beautiful pictures! And nice to look at your blog once in a while!