Friday, May 21, 2010

Mimi's Getting Married!!

I have known Mimi since, well.....a long time!  She used to be sitting in the back seat of the car pool to school along with my boys!  A number of years later, we worked together in the Communications Department at University of the Nations, Kona Campus.  She's not only a gifted photographer, but a great graphic designer too.  But that's getting away from my story....

And that is, Mimi's getting married next month!!  She has found her life's love in Mr. Jon Brown of England.  They are going to have adventures galore as they travel the globe, and we will miss her.  On Sunday, her sister Stephanie hostessed a bunch of us at their mom, Krista's, house for the best bridal shower I've ever been to!  I went as a guest, but brought my camera along for the ride.

Catering by Liah Harpster  and Magic Pan crepes; Florals by Annie of Bliss in Bloom.

Love you, Mimi!


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  1. Wow, you totally rocked it. Mimi is radiant; looking forward to the big day.