Monday, November 1, 2010

Fish Port in General Santos, Philippines

On the island of Mindanao, in the southern Philippines Islands, is a city called General Santos, locally known as "GenSan".  It is home of the country's largest fish port where thousands of pounds of fish, particularly yellow fin tuna are processed daily.

Two things struck me:  how could THAT many fish be offloaded every single day and not empty the ocean, and the crazy amount of hard work that is part of the whole operation. Over a six week time at sea, the big fish are caught on single lines by men in tiny wooden dinghies that are launched off the "mother ship".  If it was me, those fish would be towing me for miles across the sea!  How does that not happen?

After donning our white rubber boots and walking through a "cide" of some description to take care of any nasty things wanting to enter, my friends Anita, Ellen and I had a little tour.


  1. These are some of the best GenSan fishport shots I've seen so far and they were able to capture the happy disposition of the hardworking and industrious "generals" (as people in the Tuna Capital call themselves) who are instrumental to the city's economic success.

    Thanks to you, a lot more outsiders will even be more interested in visiting our beloved city by the bay.

    Magandang GenSan!

    1. Thank you so much! I've only just now seen your comment from 6 1/2 (!) years ago. I loved visiting the fish port - it was a fascinating place.