Monday, December 20, 2010

North Kohala

Yesterday, a friend and I took a journey in my hubbie's very fun black convertible 350Z to the very north of our island.  In many ways, it was a trip down memory lane since we lived up there for three years when our boys were just little and they used to "hunt bears"  and gather "wooly coins" (lilikoi - passion fruit) in the rain forests.  The flowers are vibrant, the grass brilliant green, the sky a powder blue.  A refreshment for the soul.

We stopped at Pico's Bistro for a very delicious lunch.  I had a cloud of spanakopeta - filo dough with spinach and cheese, and she had the fresh mahi mahi fish and chips. Wow. This foodie loved it!!

And then on to a very old chapel that was right across the street from where we used to live.  It used to have a big banyan tree in the church yard, and I was disappointed to see it gone.  But it's an active church now and is being well kept, right up to the ancient cemetery.  Bob used to go there to write some of his favorite songs.

We passed a stream in one of the hairpin turns, and I remembered that the boys used to catch fresh water prawns in it.  Once or twice we hiked upstream to a beautiful waterfall.  An adventure for another day...

The highlight was the end of the road, Pololu Valley.  When my friend, Gloria and I were pregnant at the same time with our third babies, we used to walk there - a four mile round trip - a few times a week.  Yesterday, knowing it was just over the next ridge, and what a delightful site it is, I was excited to show it off again to my friend.  This is not "on the way" to anywhere.  It IS the destination, and so worth the drive.  A short hike would take us right down to the black sand beach.  But again, something for another day.

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