Tuesday, January 25, 2011


My son Andy is marrying Julie on March 5 in Waimea.  They live in Seattle (Andy grew up here), so I get the treat of checking things out for them on this side of the ocean.  So when Julie emailed to see if I could go taste some cupcakes for her wedding, well, it wasn't a difficult decision!

I was going to have the tasting on Saturday, but Kristy, the cupcake maker, emailed that her doggie, Olive, was going to be in an Eddie Bauer photo shoot for their summer catalog that day.  As it turns out, they were on the Mana Road that I wrote about 2 blog posts ago, just about 30 minutes behind Bob and me.  Can't wait to see the catalog!  Anyway, when I got to her house yesterday, I was so surprised to already know who she was!  She and I are regulars at a little shop in town, and we've chatted lots of times, but I didn't have a name to go with the face.  Fun, huh?

Kristy owns the company Food For Thought, Cupcakes & Confections and can be found on the facebook page Food For Thought Cupcakes and Confections.   I got to try out five combinations Lilikoi (passion fruit) cake w/ vanilla butter cream frosting; Chocolate cake w/ vanilla butter cream frosting; Coconut cake w/ almond butter cream frosting; Vanilla cake w/ chocolate butter cream frosting.  And she sent me home with a lilikoi cake with lilikoi frosting too!  

My tasting notes to Julie: The cupcakes were beautiful and delicious!  The frosting was not overly sweet, and normally I'd want to scrape it off, but this was a frosting that I wanted to lick off my fingers.  The cakes were a nice consistency.  Not real light and airy like a cake mix.  Firm, but for sure not dry. 

My very favorite was the Lilikoi with the Lilikoi frosting.  After she bakes the cupcakes, she squirts a dollop of lilikoi curd into it.  And that's just one of my most favorite flavors in the world!

Thanks, Julie for this hard job, and thanks Kristy for amazing cupcakes.  You get my hearty endorsement for brides looking for something beyond the traditional cake!  Oh, and check out her displays - you can get them tiered like a wedding cake with a real wedding cake topper if you like! 

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