Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A trip to the other side

Sunday morning 5:00.  On my way to Hilo for the day.  I drive the one block from my house to "the highway".   Island living is simple:  turn right, end up in Hilo.  Turn left, end up in Hilo.  Hard to get lost (unless you're my Brazilian friends Eber and Cibele).  So I decided instead to drive through the saddle, between the nearly 14,000 foot high volcanos of Mauna Kea and Mauna Loa.  

Now, Hilo is not just on the other side geographically, but those of us who live here can't imagine living "on the other side", whether our home is Kona-side or Hilo-side, where we live is "da bess".   We're the dry side, they're wet; we're smaller, more transient and get the tourists, they're larger, more family oriented and they get the tourist money (that's the way government works); we see the sunset, they're first with the sunrise.  

The treat of treats on Sunday, was that it was SUNNY in Hilo - a rare experience!  Such a beautiful day!  I love my island home.

 Mauna Kea's huge bulk casting its shadow on Hualalai volcano at sunrise.

Beautiful and other-worldly Mauna Kea, site of the world's premier telescopes, is often snow covered in winter.
Richardson Beach Park, Hilo

Pandanas roots.  The tree tops, often mistaken for a "pineapple tree" by tourists, are the stuff of which grass mats are made.
Home of THE BEST ice cream:  Tropical Dreams, Hilo Homemade Ice Cream.  With a free entrance botanical garden in back!

 Bandstand on the Hilo Bayfront

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