Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Family Milestones

Life's best joys, sorrows, happiness and frustrations are best shared (and sometimes felt) in families.  The histories we create, and then remember and celebrate together are the fabric that makes us who we are as individuals and as communities.

My Daddy just went to be with Jesus two weeks ago today.  A week before he passed, I had my last visit with him at the Boise State Veterans Home in Idaho, where he had lived his last 5 1/2 years due to his advancing Alzheimer's Disease.  I usually would see him twice a year, en route either home, or to some faraway destination that my life usually has me on.  That I was with him on his last "good day" on earth was a gift from God to me.  The morning after I returned home from my 5 1/2 week trip abroad, I received the phone call that he had passed into the next life, and that night I was back on the plane to Boise to help my step-mom with his final arrangements.

The last several family photos shoots that I've done were ones celebrating important anniversary milestones:  two couples honoring their fifty years together, and another family enjoying both the mom and dad's forty years of marriage and the engagement of one of their daughters.

As I was taking the pictures, in my mind, I peeled back the clock to their wedding days when they first began their lives together, their own parents giving love and advice to young couples who thought they knew all that life had in store for them.  With a collective of 140 years between these three couples, I'm sure not a one of them could have anticipated the day, and what their lives would have been in the in-between times, when they would raise their glasses again to love, to life, and to their families so many years later.

Please take all the time you can to love and spend time with your family.  Time is so precious, and moves so fast.

The Weinbender Family

The Stingley Family
The Freedman/Munns Families

Brad and Ali on their engagement

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