Friday, September 3, 2010

Carl and Marni's Ten Year Celebration

Ten years ago, Carl and Marni were married at the beautiful Four Seasons Hualalai Resort.  When Carl made hotel arrangements for their family of six to return last month, he also planned a surprise sunset wedding vow renewal at the very place where their marriage began.

With the older three kids and their auntie already at the site, and so excited to see their mom's reaction, Carl, Marni and the little one arrived.  Three cheers for Carl's romantic idea and the wedding staff at the Four Seasons for pulling off the surprise!


  1. Beautiful Kathy, looks like your doing a ton of catch up it's so fun to see your blog updates. Keep it up!

  2. Just looked at your blog and website, Kathy. You have a real eye for unique shots and do amazing work! That one "Chester" guy on the website was the best! Love ya!

  3. Tremendous work. Love the look and feel of your photos.