Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Pasta Brava Restaurant Interior Photos

I've been traveling since the middle of August in Asia.  One of my favorite cities in the whole world is Singapore.  If you are a "foodie", this is the place for you!  Outside of our hotel, within 3 blocks, we could find 100+ restaurants of every variety.  What a pleasant dilemma when wanting to go for a meal!  And since we've been traveling to Singapore for years, there are so many friends to enjoy our time with.

But this blog isn't about the fantastic food (though that would be a great subject, and I'll have to make it a project), but about one of the great restaurants in the city.  Pasta Brava has won many awards for its delicious Italian cuisine (and I certainly enjoyed it!).  It's located in a beautifully restored "shop house" in the Tanjong Pagar area near Chinatown.  Recently because if its popularity, they decided to expand to the second floor of their unit. Experience Union, a wonderfully creative Singapore-based international architecture/design firm, was commissioned to design the new space.  At the completion of the project, I was brought in one evening to photograph the expanded restaurant.  Stepping into the doors, it no longer feels like being in South East Asia, but into Tuscany itself!

Well done, Ken!

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  1. Nice shots Kathy especially the tilt shift photo of the bar from above, that is just a gorgeous angle unexpected and interesting. Love the blur on the last one as well even though it kind of reminds me of a feeding frenzy....