Monday, May 23, 2011


My fourth trip to the beautiful land of Israel - always a delight to be back!  Springtime is filled with the freshness and fragrance of new life - the "lilies of field" were flourishing.  It is often thought that Israel is hot and dusty, and while that's true in the southern desert area, which has a beauty all its own, the north is fertile and green.  And the feeling of safety and security is prevalent.  

We were there to lead worship for a tour organized by Omega Tours and Travel and promoted by our home church, New Creation Church (yes, our home is in Hawaii, but our home church is in Singapore!).  South to north, west to east, we traveled the length and breadth of the country in two tour buses, stopping at various historical and spiritual sites along the way.  

In Timna National Park, a replica of the wilderness tabernacle

Fun at the Dead Sea

Sea of Galilee

Next two photos: Capernaum - in the ruins of the synagogue.  Excavation reveals pavement from the first century

Next two photos:  at Banius, (Caesarea Philippi), the headwaters of the Jordan River

Next two photos: in the Orthodox church at Bethlehem's Church of the Nativity

  Jerusalem, overlooking the cemetery on the Mount of Olives

   Now THESE are bagels!!

    At the Jordan River

If you'd like to come along the next time we go, send me a note and I'll be sure to send you the information!

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