Monday, May 23, 2011

Singapore and Malaysia

This is a continuation of the trip - NYC, Switzerland, Jordan, Israel.  Next stop:  Singapore!  (Jerusalem, drive to Amman,  fly to Cairo, Thailand, Singapore).

We consider Singapore as a "second home".  So many friends, so many great memories.  You know how it is when you're at home, and you just don't take as many pictures as you do when you're away?  Well....after carrying the camera around with me in Jordan and Israel, I took a bit of a break.  Thank you iPhone for a decent, light-weight camera! And it was a really short trip too - just 24 hours, then to Malaysia for another 24, then just a couple more days before jetting off again.

One of the nights, our friend Jack called and said - "let's go to dinner, and bring your passports.  I'll come at 10". For early-to-bed people like us, that was quite a thought. But we were jet-lagged, so why not??  It's not as if Singapore has any lack of restaurants - there's probably more there per square mile/kilometer than anywhere else in the world!  But we crossed the border into Johor Bahru (aka JB) with Malaysia, and had a fantastic on-the-street dinner until 3 AM!

And then next morning, well, actually the same morning, but you know what I mean....we flew to Malaysia - Kuala Lumpur this time - and the one and only photo I took was from our hotel window.

So, not much of a blog post this time, but since I promised an around the world deal when I started out, I wanted to get the whole picture in.  Next stop, Korea!

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