Sunday, June 26, 2011

Anniversary in Puerto Vallarta

Thirty-five years ago, I said "I do" to the man of my dreams.  And when I dream of him now, it's still about how wonderful it is to be together.  On our honeymoon, we went to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico - our first international trip.  

So this year, we decided to go back to Puerto Vallarta.  What a load of memories came back to us!  I could picture the younger version of us standing on the beach looking into the future of what all might be in store for us....what would our kids be like, where would our dreams take us, the faithfulness of God to bring us together, and how much He loved us to start us on our journey together.  And how we could now look back over the amazingness (is that a word?) of these many years together, realizing that there is still so much ahead.

So, not too much thought of photo quality, but having lots of fun, here's a few photos.  The first is of the HUGE iguana that came crawling under the table at the restaurant next to us.  And I also had fun with my iphone, using hipstamatic and a new app I downloaded 360º.  Just a little something to give you a bit of me....

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  1. Such a fun post. You two looked so adorable, and young in your wedding photo. But my fave is your 80's hair. That's how you looked when I first met you guys! Congratulations, you are such examples to me!