Wednesday, June 8, 2011


 Crete - our Greek destination for a few days rest and relaxation.  This is one of the fantastic advantages to being very frequent flyers with United Airlines!  The Star Alliance partnerships give us opportunity to get wonderful freebie flights to fun places!

So, when we found ourselves with an empty week between our time in Holland and our weekend in London (I DO sound spoiled, don't I??) we wondered where we'd like to go.  So we looked south to some warmth, and thought, "why not Crete?".  So, a few phone calls, and a few days later, we landed in Chania and spent time in the old city's Venetian Port at the Pandora Suites Hotel with this amazing view from our room:

  This town was meant for strolling, enjoying the alleyways, the history, the food

And one day, the Russian navy landed!

Check this out - we were walking along the seawall, enjoying the view.  Bob looked down into the water and saw these pillars!  How old could they be?  Ancient I guess - this is GREECE!!  Crazy, isn't it??

 I love visiting the local markets - always life in action!

And then, adventurers that we are, we discovered we had a five hour layover between flights in Athens. A quick trip into the city, and there we were for a sprint of a trip to the Acropolis!  Amazing!!  Are we blessed, or what??

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