Sunday, June 26, 2011

My Happy Birthday

I am in New Zealand for a couple of weeks, and while we've been here, it was my birthday.  In addition to the hundreds of loving birthday greetings from around the world from my kids and facebook friends, my dear friends David, Dale and Melinda prepared a wonderful birthday celebration for me.  The first question was - "what would you like to eat?"  India food sounded amazing, so that's what I said.  Well!  when we got home after a wonderful day in the city (I'll put that in another post), I walked into a home looking like an elegant Indian restaurant.  They even had an Indian woman write "Happy Birthday Kathy" in Sanskrit.  

My first bite sent me into another world - SO delicious!  So I didn't even think of taking a photo.  But you can see the decor and the dessert anyway.  

Thank you Bob, David, Dale and Mindy for such a memorable evening!

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