Friday, November 4, 2011

The Lone Star State

Late October had us heading out on another trip. I made a bold step and decided to leave my wonderful, but heavy, Canon 5D Mark II at home.  The plan was to buy a lighter weight, but still very capable, camera.  I found that when I traveled, the DSLR often stayed back in the hotel room because of its bulk and weight, and I depended on my iPhone for the photos.  Now the iPhone is great, don't get me wrong, but I wanted something more than that, but less burdensome than the big Canon.  So.....after doing my research, I decided on a Canon G12.  This is the "maiden voyage" of this camera, and so far I'm more than excited about the decision.  It's not everything I could hope for in a camera, shutter-lag being at the top of the list.   The convenience by far outshines the deficits.  So now, I've got a new travel buddy.  The clarity, the detail, the macro capability - mahvelous!  Let me know what you think too!

So. Back to the trip.  First stop - the great state of Texas.  Well, there's NOTHING like the Texas State Fair, held in Dallas.  In addition to the (Texas sized) ferris wheel overlooking the famous Cotton Bowl, there is fried EVERYTHING!  Fried butter, fried snickers, fried s'mores, fried lemonade, fried alligator!  Did I partake??  Not this time ;-)  

East Texas - a much more tranquil setting in the early fall.  Ranch lands, rolling hills, oak trees....

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  1. Hey looking pretty good, I feel the same way about my 5D I don't take it with me as often as I would like to because of the size and weight.