Monday, November 14, 2011

Sri Lanka

Such a brief visit to this beautiful island nation.  Lots of driving, lots of looking.  Not much "walk around" time to photograph the markets, the scenery, the kindness of the people, the speeding tuk-tuks. There were school girls in their crisp white uniforms walking along a path in a rice paddy.  Buddhist monks in their bright orange robes walking the sidewalks with cell phones in hand.  My car just sped along with me in the back seat looking at life going by.  

Just three very quick days, starting off with an incredible sunset view from our hotel window.  

Here's Bob and the first of the TV interviews the afternoon of his concert at Calvary Church in Colombo sponsored by CHRAFT:

A lady's livelihood - posing with her porcupines for a few rupees

En route from Colombo to Kandy, we stopped by the Pinnawela Elephant Orphanage.  Too cute!

And just before embarking on our 53 hour journey back to Hawaii, I dipped my toes in the Indian Ocean.